If security becomes necessary

Tank limousines with German technology

In view of the world-wide terrorism and climbing crime installments let themselves calculate threats no more. This is applicable not only to crisis areas but also for Europe. The nearest attack or access can happen everywhere.

Not only personalities of the public life are before this threat or from politics and economy concerned. Actionlimousine offers solutions, that are cut individually on the needs of our customers.

Price and order on inquiry.


DIN Euro norms of the punt inhibition
Tank material Class Weapon type Weapon type / calibers
B1 BR1 Handgun .22 LR
B2 BR2 fist fire weapon Luger 9mm
B3 BR3 fist fire weapon Magnum .357
B4 BR4 Handgun Magnum .44
B5 BR5 Handgun Gun M16 5.56x45
B6 BR6 Handgun Gun G1 7,62x51 Weichkern
B7 BR7 Handgun Gun G1 7,62x51 Hartkern